VIP Polymers

Industry: Manufacturing

Current solution: Sage X3

VIP Polymers and Sage X3

VIP Polymers is one of the leading global providers of sealing solutions, specialising in developing innovative solutions to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Since 1923, the business’s highly experienced engineers have been providing solutions for pipelines, tunnels, rail support products and more. 

Through partnering with Datel for its Sage X3 solution, VIP Polymers has benefited from: 

  • A responsive support team, resolving issues in a fraction of the time compared to previous partner 

  • An ERP system with better functionality including increased accuracy in data 

  • Ongoing training from Datel


Prior to working with Datel, VIP Polymers was working with another partner to replace its Movex system with Sage X3. During system implementation, the process of moving the business’s data across from its previous system over to Sage X3 took a staggering 3 years to complete, in which the planned ‘go live date’ changed 7 times. This was because the system continuously failed to be ready for each of the proposed dates, and users were not trained to use the system. Additionally, support queries took between 1-4 weeks to answer, and the support team struggled to resolve issues.


Whilst users agreed that the move to X3 was ‘the best thing the business ever did’, VIP Polymers had lost faith in its supplier. After looking at various X3 partners, the business decided to move to Datel and take advantage of Datel’s dedicated customer support services and regular product training.


Sage X3 has allowed the business to trust its data more with increased accuracy, as well as giving the business greater control over its costings and day-to-day operating. The system is easier to understand than the previous system that VIP Polymers was working from, and the functionality is significantly better. As well as benefiting from the software, VIP Polymers is benefiting from a partnership with Datel. With the UK’s largest team of Sage-accredited experts, the support team at Datel respond to all issues within just 2 hours, and are determined to fix any issue that arise. Datel’s support department are so confident in responding to issues raised, that you can view Live Support Feedback on the Customer Help Zone. The business is also benefiting from on-demand training, which is available exclusively to customers of Datel.  

When asked if he would recommend Datel to another manufacturing business, Robin Williams, ERP Manufacturing Systems Manager at VIP Polymers commented: 

“Yes, actually I have done already! We attended Datel’s Connect 2019 event, which was absolutely brilliant. We met a gentleman who was considering partnering with Datel as he wasn’t happy with his current supplier, and I had the chance to tell him about our positive experience moving to Datel. I couldn’t recommend you enough.”