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expanding the world of sage

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expanding the world of sage

Even closer in line with your business

By extending your core Sage platform, you can create a highly customised solution that will help your company run as effectively as possible. With a range of extensions to choose from, we can assist you in further streamlining your business processes with Sage.

From reporting and document management, to eCommerce and CRM, the sky is the limit when it comes to additional functionality. Our own in-house research and development team is behind our Fusion range of products, and we also offer an extended portfolio of solutions through our trusted Sage development partners. As the UK’s leading Sage integration partner, we ensure a smooth adoption and implementation as you link your core platform with other external systems.

Expand the capabilities of your solution

Expanding Sage 200

The needs of small and medium-sized businesses change as they grow, and Sage 200 has been specifically designed to offer the flexibility to meet evolving requirements. If you are looking to further expand your platform, there are a range of additional functionalities to pick that have been developed by the Sage network. We’ll work with you to streamline your business processes, so you can enjoy a reduced administrative burden and maximised profits.

Expanding Sage 1000

Sage 1000 – formerly Sage Line 500 – is a highly scalable ERP solution, designed to help mid-range and large organisations to fully integrate business processes. By expanding your core system to include additional functionality, you can seamlessly incorporate even more processes into the platform to give you a full overview of your organisation. For example, you can enhance your customer service offering by linking your sales order process to an eCommerce facility on your website, or create targeted marketing campaigns via CRM software.

Expanding Sage X3

With Sage X3, you already have access to a wide range of financial and distribution modules to increase the profitability of your business. You can take your existing capabilities to integrate information and processes across different departments one step further, by linking the software to other external systems. You’ll benefit from greater control across your business, for example by automating warehouse management to improve cashflow and dispatch goods to customers more quickly.

Fusion products

With our Fusion range, you can bring the power of Sage even closer in line with your business processes. The suite of products has been developed to be fully integrated with your core software, to bring wider business processes within the scope of a single platform. A more streamlined workflow results in significant time and cost savings. You are also better positioned to provide improved service levels, with less time spent on administrative tasks and a reduced risk of mis-keying data. 

We have structured the Fusion portfolio so that you need only choose the solutions you want, giving you the flexibility to enhance your base platform as effectively as possible. From process automation to quick and easy data entry, we actively seek user feedback and deliver new additions to streamline your workflows. We test all of our Fusion products throughout the development phase to result in a smooth implementation, so you see improved process efficiency as quickly as possible.