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expanding the world of sage

Compliance solutions from Sage

Designed for accountants and tax professionals working in industry, Sage’s iXBRL-compliant software allows you to keep up to date with changing statutory requirements. The Sage Accounts Production Advanced and Sage Corporation Tax modules are automatically updated with reporting standards and government legislations, to ensure your tax returns are completed correctly. This gives you in-house control and the peace of mind to focus on higher value activities.

Sage Accounts Production Advanced and Sage Corporation Tax are available in a package or as a standalone product. They can also be integrated into a variety of third-party accounting and tax software.

Sage Accounts Production Advanced

Sage Accounts Production Advanced is an accounting solution that allows the quick and accurate in-house production of statutory accounts under FRS102, saving time and the expense of external advisors.

  • Automatically produces iXBRL output
  • Regularly updated for changes in legislation including FRS102
  • Import of year-end data from any system
  • Customisable reporting formats
  • Advanced error checking 
  • Dedicated support line staffed by trained accountants 
  • Installation and training completed within a single day  
  • Conversion service from prior year accounts.

Sage Corporation Tax

Sage Corporation Tax produces accurate tax computations and CT600 forms in the mandatory iXBRL format for electronic filling. Sage Corporation Tax provides easy integration and data input, helping you increase efficiency and optimise production time.

Accredited by HMRC and including an in-built iXBRL pre-submission validation process, the software is regularly updated with the latest tax legislation and iXBRL standards, to give you the reassurance of full compliance.

  • Easy to follow menu structure
  • Updated for changes in legislation
  • Tax modelling allows predictions and monitors changes on a real-time basis
  • Dedicated support line staffed by trained accountants 
  • Comprehensive error checking
  • Simple installation and online training at no extra cost 
  • Conversion service from prior year computations 
  • Link to Sage Accounts Production software.

Training and Support

Our dedicated Statutory Accounts Production and Corporation Tax support desk is always on hand. You can contact one of our advisers by phone or email.

We offer a variety of training on our Statutory Accounts and Corporation Tax solutions from our centres in Warrington, Leeds and central London as well as in other training locations including Winnersh (near Reading). Onsite and online options are also available.

Why Datel?

As Sage’s chosen UK partner for this software, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in providing compliance solutions to corporate finance professionals across the country.

Aimed primarily at accountants and tax professionals working in industry, we offer tailored services and support to suit your needs. Our iXBRL Sage solutions are serviced by a dedicated line operated by accountancy professionals, delivering the highest level of expert care.