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expanding the world of sage

Overview of Sage CRM

Manage your entire contact base within a single platform. Available online or as self-hosted software, Sage CRM is an intuitive, adaptable solution to optimise customer activities for businesses of any size. 

Whether you opt for CRM essentials or add the advanced campaign management and multi-department features, Sage’s CRM software provides a business-wide database that collects and tracks customer information across different departments. This provides real time business insights to accurately forecast sales and analyse trends.

Benefits of standalone CRM

Improved productivity

Full visibility of your company’s activities is essential to ensure maximum productivity. Through an integrated, business wide Internet architecture, Sage CRM provides a clear, detailed overview of your organisation to promptly identify and improve inefficiencies.

On the go access

With Sage CRM, you get on-the-go access to your business data for any device. You can manage account activities, view your communications history and update customer information from anywhere. With Sage CRM, you get on the go access to your business data for any device. You can manage account activities, view your communications history and update customer information from anywhere. 

Manage customer relationships

Linking all departments to a central system, Sage’s CRM stores key customer details in a central database, for easier company access and sharing. You can quickly analyse, manage, and synchronise sales, marketing and customer care activities, maximising the value of customer relationships.

Benefits of adding CRM to your ERP Solution

Link all departments

Integrate Sage’s CRM to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to connect every part of your organisation. Improve your business’ efficiency by creating a single, shared contact base and automating workflows that connect different teams. 

Boost productivity of customer activities

Build stronger relationships and maximise the return on your investment into customers. Identify sales patterns more quickly, create more efficient marketing campaigns and resolve customer queries faster. These are just some of the benefits that integrating Sage’s CRM to your ERP software will bring you. 

I​ncreased visibility

Access real time information from your accounting system, whatever your department. Make use of these insights to accurately forecast sales and analyse trends, so you can develop highly targeted marketing strategies that help you achieve your growth objectives.


Customer Review

“My view of CRM systems has changed immensely. When we first came across Sage CRM I had only ever seen poorly implemented systems before ,so I saw it as a sales tool. When you start to look at what can be done with it, Sage CRM is an incredibly powerful management tool.”

Michael Stott, Finance and IT Manager, CES Ltd

Video Type: Customer Review

Client: CES Ltd

Industry Sector: Manufacturing

Interviewee: Michael Stott

Solution: Sage CRM

Overview: Michael discusses how Sage CRM has improved their business efficiency

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Why Datel?

Whether you are looking for standalone CRM software or are thinking about integrating it into your current ERP suite, Datel is the right partner to help you deliver successful projects. 

The collaboration between Sage, the leading provider of business software in the world, and Datel, its largest partner in the UK, can boost the profitability of your business.

Our long track record speaks for itself. We are well positioned to give you access to a vast wealth of system knowledge. 

We work closely with all our customers across a broad mix of industries to help them improve efficiency, learning the complexities of every case and finding the best solution to meet individual requirements.

  • Expert advice on selecting the right ERP solution for your business needs 
  • Tried and tested implementation methodology to ensure your project is on time and to budget 
  • Dedicated technical support team to quickly and efficiently resolve issues.