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expanding the world of sage

A complete business management solution

Whatever your job role, Sage offers modular management solutions to suit all business needs. From tracking prospective customers at the start of your relationship and processing sales orders, through to delivering a high standard of service and analysing financial results, Sage has the software to help. You can be confident that you are choosing a system that will keep pace with both your current and future requirements, enabling you to continually streamline your business processes.

As the UK’s largest Sage partner, we specialise in Sage ERP and customer relationship management software and products that expand Sage’s core functionality. We are ideally positioned to handle the needs of all types of organisations and will work with you to select, tailor and transition to the right Sage solution for your company.

Accounts and finance

Sage is an industry-leading software that can manage all aspects of your finances, regardless of the size of your company. The systems are easy for even inexperienced users to work with and can be accessed via desktop or online, allowing you to raise invoices, analyse business performance and manage budgets, VAT and more.

With a range of solutions available to choose from, you have the freedom to select only the modules that are best suited to your needs. Extremely flexible, you can adapt the accounting period, VAT options and manual code structure to your requirements, for personalised analysis and reporting. 

  • Send customisable invoices to customers 
  • Easy bank reconciliation to keep banks and accounts accurate 
  • Enter an unlimited number of transactions 
  • Calculates and submits VAT returns securely to HMRC automatically.


Sales and marketing management

You can manage your entire contacts database within a single platform, by using Sage’s feature-rich customer relationship management (CRM) software. With online and self-hosted options available, Sage CRM is easy to use and helps to automate workflows across sales and marketing teams, as part of a more collaborative approach.

The functionality offered by Sage allows you to track leads to the point of sale and create targeted marketing campaigns to nurture and maintain relationships. Sage CRM is packed full of features and available as a standalone platform, or fully integrated with a Sage ERP solution – depending on your needs.

  • Keep your database up-to-date even when you’re away from the office, with mobile and web access 
  • Track your prospects and customers from lead through to repeat business 
  • Access sales forecasts and trends analysis, with flexible reporting options 
  • Integrate with your website to collect and follow up on leads.


If you are to make well informed, timely decisions for your business, access to accurate and relevant business intelligence is critical. With a Sage solution, you can gain the insights you need at the touch of a button. Interactive dashboards and detailed reports will provide a clear overview of your company’s financial position, enabling accurate planning and forecasting and the format can be tailored to best suit your needs. 

Through analysing data across every department, you can identify trends and benchmark performance. Fully integrated with Microsoft Excel, you are also able to segment data to get under the skin of your top level analysis.

  • Extract data with a single click and set pre-defined filters 
  • Workbooks containing multiple worksheets to present customer and sales order data in charts and tables 
  • Use any of the standard Microsoft Excel features 
  • Customise views with a powerful graphical query builder, and tailor your worksheets with customer and sales order data.

Stock management

If you work in retail or manufacturing, stock movement can be a constant battle. Whether you work in the head office or on the factory floor, Sage can manage every aspect of your business; enhancing process efficiencies and managing costs more effectively. The optional modules that are available for you mean that a true reflection of your stock levels is now at your fingertips, saving hours of staff time, improving customer satisfaction and increasing cashflow. 

With Sage, you better manage demands for increased efficiency, accuracy, faster turnarounds and lower inventory.

  • Trace stock easily and eliminate mistakes, by using barcoding and other methods 
  • Use merchandise hierarchies to define how products are structured across your business 
  • Automatically updates stock levels when you allocate or issue stock, so you avoid errors such as not having items assigned to production.

Recipe management

If you are looking for a software solution for the food and drink sector, Sage has all the right ingredients. From recipes and costings, to optimising inventory, batch control and product traceability, Sage is with you at every stage in the production process to save you both time and money. Alongside helping you to interactively plan production, the solution is fully integrated with analytical reporting tools to give you the insights you need to maintain profitability. 

We are Sage’s strategic partner for the food and drink sector, and are proud of our long history in providing business software solutions that deliver tangible results. The industry is under increasing pressure from major retailers to keep ingredient and processing costs as low as possible, and efficient systems can help to overcome such challenges.

  • Know what to purchase and manufacture 
  • Keep track of orders throughout the production process 
  • Access to quality control data and full batch and lot traceability 
  • Integrate with retailer systems via EDI or XML technologies.

Service management

Manual paper tasks can take up significant portions of your employees’ time. With Sage’s integrated service management solutions, you will be able to introduce automated procedures to easily control and manage your service contracts.

From the ability to schedule engineers’ activity based on skill set or geographical location, to improving communication through a web-based system, Sage provides great control of your service management operations.


  • Manage engineers’ diaries and integrate with tablet systems
  • Fully integrated with Contract and Job Costing Modules
  • Control cost of Individual Support Contracts, including time and equipment
  • Manage renewals of support contracts
  • Automate invoices for service contracts and ad-hoc service call outs.