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expanding the world of sage

Reasons to consider a new software

Whether you are considering a change in system because your business has grown in size or you want to benefit from more advanced security, functionality and usability, it is important to regularly review the tools that you use to manage your business processes. Your existing software may have served you well, but it could be time to explore the next generation of Sage technologies available today.

Moving to the next step in Sage solutions can be daunting, but our teams of specialists can work with you to choose the right product for the next stage in your journey. Thousands of businesses have benefited from our assistance in switching to a new software and our tried and tested methodology will ensure that disruption to day-to-day business operations is as limited as possible during the transition.

Sage 50

With success and growth comes challenges with the Sage 50 system, and the requirement for it to do more. You need an ERP system that is better suited to the demands faced by businesses operating in fast-paced environments, and with a high volume of transactions to be processed. The move to a sequel platform will give you the stability that comes with using a more advanced, robust technology and you can benefit from a system that can be fully integrated with Microsoft Excel, as well as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

With better foreign currency capabilities, improved stock management and increased flexibility with both open and closed period accounting, the functionality offered by Sage today delivers numerous advantages over Sage 50. The latest solutions can be accessed by multiple users at the same time, overcoming any issues you may have had with lockouts.


Sage Line 100

The software offered by Sage has advanced considerably over the past twenty years. Sage now provides a portfolio of highly customisable, integrated solutions to choose from, allowing you to further streamline your business processes from a single, structured base. Today’s solutions boast enhanced security, functionality and usability and include web-based and mobile technologies. 

Sage Line 100 is a legacy technology that is no longer fully supported by Sage. For many of our customers, the transition to a more modern accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system also represents an opportunity to cleanse and streamline data.



From version control to minimising the risk of mistakes, using multiple spreadsheets within a business can be fraught with problems. As the amount of data being handled by an organisation grows, it can be increasingly difficult to manage. The transition to Sage ERP and customer relationship management software has the potential to save considerable time in tracking and interpreting complex information.

By streamlining business processes within a single platform, Sage delivers real business benefits and offers advanced data integrity and security for your added reassurance. We provide training and helpsheets to get you and your team up to speed and Sage can be fully integrated with Microsoft Excel for quick and accurate data transfer.

Existing ERP

With more than thirty years’ experience in providing business software, Sage is relied upon by more than 800,000 businesses in the UK. As part of its ongoing commitment to research and development, Sage invests heavily in emerging technologies and regularly releases product improvements and updates to future-proof its solutions.

No one knows Sage better than Datel. As the UK’s largest Sage partner, we specialise in Sage ERP and customer relationship management software and products that expand Sage’s core functionality. We have extensive, multi-sector experience and will help you select, tailor and transition to the right Sage solution for your company.