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expanding the world of sage

Finding a solution to suit your industry

As the leading provider of business software worldwide, Sage supplies suite applications to support companies across all types of industries. Every sector has its own specific characteristics. With a range of customisable modules, Sage offers the possibility to create a tailored software solution to meet the needs of every business. 

At Datel, we have over 30 years’ experience in supporting several thousand businesses across different sectors. Guiding our clients through the world of Sage is our passion. Helping them customise and develop solutions that can integrate into industry-specific key front end applications is our specialty.

Public sector

Datel has a wealth of experience implementing ERP for the public sector and similar organisations, with a view to increasing cost efficiencies.

In 2016, Datel became the first and only Sage Business Partner to join the UK Government’s G-Cloud.

The UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative aimed at making it easier for public sector bodies in departments of the United Kingdom Government to procure information technology services that use cloud computing.

CEO of the Sage Group, Stephen Kelly, is a champion of G-Cloud, and previously worked for the United Kingdom Government under Francis Maude, whose signature policy had been G-Cloud.

Datel’s entry on G-Cloud clearly explains our offering, including our pricing and contractual terms.


Get full control of your business with Sage’s solutions for the manufacturing industry. Whether you need simple job processing software or a fully integrated MRP system with advanced Production Scheduling, we have what you need.

A fully integrated manufacturing solution will help you plan ahead for costs and capacity, track orders as they move through production and automatically raise purchase and sub-contractor orders. At Datel, we already work with over 180 manufacturing businesses, and we can use our experience to help you too.

  • Maintain accurate Bills of Materials
  • Use MRP to recommend what to purchase and manufacture 
  • Warehouse management 
  • Provide full batch and lot traceability 
  • Automate processes with barcode technology.



Streamline your distribution processes with Sage. Optimised inventory management, efficient dispatch and automated warehouse management are just some of the key benefits that Sage’s distribution software can bring to your business. 

All customer-related activities will benefit from a more accurate and efficient way to enter orders and manage customer relationships. By collecting accurate and timely information from all processes, Sage also provides full analytical business reporting, for increased visibility and accurate planning.

In the UK, over 100 businesses in the distribution industry rely on Datel to optimise their business processes and provide ongoing support.

  • Plan purchasing and production to optimise inventory 
  • Despatch efficiently with barcode technology 
  • Plan and track vehicle deliveries.


Business services

Designed to span operations across all types of business service companies, Sage brings improved efficiencies through the optimisation of financial processes. The finance, accounting and payroll modules allow you to eliminate data entry into multiple databases, removing errors such as duplication of data. Compatible with other software, it helps process management across a number of functional areas, including project management, sales and reporting. 

The modular structure of all Sage solutions allows true customisation. Predetermined business rules can be automated across all channels, departments and employees. It allows you to create customised workspace for specific users or roles, bringing together essential business information about tasks and key performance indicators in a single system. More accessible information means quicker actions and improved efficiency.

  • Customer management, service and support 
  • Marketing management 
  • Web access and self-serve 
  • Customer Relationship Management and sales.

Clothing and footwear

Designed to meet the unique operational flow and functional processes of clothing and footwear businesses, Datel’s Protex solution delivers complete business control and agility. Flexible and responsive IT software is key to meeting the high demand for quality, speed and service in this fast-changing industry. Protex helps to keep costs and margins under control at every step of the production and distribution chain. 

The combination of Sage with Datel Protex allows for the integration of data across all departments. This level of integration ensures greater control and visibility of all business processes, both at an operational and strategic level. At Datel, we can provide a total business management solution that helps you to control costs and identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. 

  • Product definition by style, colour, size and fit
  • Critical path management
  • Streamlined raw material planning and stock management
  • Warehouse efficiency with barcode receipt 
  • Stylish and fully integrated b2b eCommerce.

Food and drink

As a market leader in developing IT software for the food and drink sector, Sage combines all the right ingredients for your success. The fully integrated system can hold recipes and costings, help you to optimise inventory, manage shelf lives, and provide batch control and product traceability. 

Offering the latest in business and analytical reporting, Sage also provides accurate quality control data and full lot traceability. 

Easily integrated with other processing systems, Sage allows you to track orders as they move through production, and provides comprehensive business reporting.

  • Interactive plan production 
  • Use MRP to recommend what to purchase and manufacture 
  • Automate processes with barcode technology 
  • Integrate with retailer systems via EDI or XML technologies 
  • Manage the warehouse efficiently 
  • Online business reporting.