Take action with a free Ambition Workshop

We’re running a series of free business Ambition Workshops - which are an opportunity for you to share your business strategy and challenges while we listen. In response, we’ll reveal how technology can help you take action and reach your specific business goals that little bit quicker.

If you would like to understand how business technology can support your goals and help you to achieve them that little bit quicker, Datel could help.  Book a free Ambition Workshop and we can listen to where you would like your business to go and share how we can support you getting there. Call 0800 0775 888 to book your free workshop.

Book your Ambition Workshop:

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What to expect from your Ambition Workshop

We can host your Ambition Workshop either in the comfort of your own premises or here at Datel - whatever suits you best. Sometimes it's good to get away from the office to give you space to see the big picture, we appreciate that your time is limited and you may not be able to escape for long - which is why we're happy to come to you. 

As your Ambition Workshop will involve discussing your business aspirations, it would be most beneficial to have business' senior leaders in the room who are focused on your business goals and strategies. However it's important not to forget those who are sometimes closer to the day-to-day processes - such as IT, Systems or Operations Managers - who will have invaluable insight to bring to the table. 

Can't get time in everyone's diaries? Not to worry - two heads are better than none. Let's have a relaxed chat about where you want to go with your business and we'll help clarify the steps to getting you there. Call us on 0800 0775 888.